Community Living Support Services


Senior Care /Companionship
Michigan Autism Academy Staff and Occupational Training Center, has qualified, compassionate staff ready to work in your home or the home of your aging parent to provide gentle, dignified, hands-on care. Our staff can perform all non-nursing services for elderly people such as:

cooking, cleaning, transferring around the home, exercising, meal preparation, grocery shopping, personal hygiene, bathing, running errands, attending doctor’s appointments and taking people out on social functions.

Respite Care (Adult)
Michigan Autism Academy offers respite care for times when the persons’ primary caregiver is not available. We are available when you need help. We can offer you a few hours off once or twice a week or we are available for extended periods of time for vacations. We can come in daily at prearranged times to check on your loved one and to do tasks necessary for them or we can provide 24 hour around the clock care for anyone who needs it.

Any other tasks necessary to meet the needs of the person and family are also available.

Home Help Services
This service is designed to meet the needs of adults living in the community receiving supports funded by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) of the county in which the person lives. Upon completion of an assessment of in-home skills and abilities, the MDHHS may approve funding for a certain amount of time monthly that a person with a disability would need help with completing in-home related chores and tasks. The areas assessed include bathing, grooming, dressing, transferring, medication, housework, laundry, meal prep, range of motion, toileting, and eating.

Michigan Autism Academy can provide these same types of services on a private pay basis for those individuals who do not qualify for MDHHS funding.

Michigan Autism Academy Staff and Occupational Training Center

Proprietary School * Licensed and Bonded 

Medicaid Provider * Agency with Choice

Impaneled DWMHA Provider * Staffing Agency

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CLS In-Home Services
Our staff is qualified and trained to assist persons with daily living supports in all aspects of the persons life including: daily chores & routines, bathing, grooming, dressing, transferring, medication, housework, laundry, meal prep, clinical programs, toileting, eating, community activities, skill building (such as socialization, behavioral, daily living tasks, health & safety, community inclusion, etc.), medical needs such as medical & dental appointments and basic daily medical care duties, financial management, shopping, organizing and general supervision.

 Respite Relief (Children)
Staff who have a passion to work with children are available to provide additional or continuous care for children with disabilities at home or in the community to enhance socialization and behavior skill building as well as just to have fun.

We can perform in-home respite care as an extension of the program assigned by a clinician. Our staff will work with parents, guardians and clinicians to teach, sample and ensure assignments are performed correctly, comfortably and compliantly.

School Services
We can accompany your child in school, in after school programs or day programs. We have the flexibility to attend IEP meetings when scheduled.  

Supported Employment Services
Michigan Autism Academy provide Supported Employment Services in Wayne County. Supported Employment Services includes activities to assist persons with disabilities to obtain and maintain paid employment that would not otherwise be possible without such support.


Michigan Autism Academy is an Agency with Choice Provider (AWC) that understand the philosophy of Self Determination. We believe these set of principles enables individuals to have the right to direct their own lives through freedom of choice, independence, free will, civil and human rights, self direction and individual responsibility. People with disabilities can lead more independent and meaningful lives.

Michigan Autism Academy is the co-employer (with you) of your workers. We handle many of your legal and tax employer duties, but you are ultimately the managing employer. We will assist you to find, hire, supervise and if necessary fire your worker.

Our Staffing Agency
Our staffing agency pride ourselves on hiring the most qualified staff members who have been trained as Certified Nursing Assistant or Certified Direct Care Professionals.

Our trusted staff are trained to work with children with disabilities, older adult with disabilities, seizure disorders, down syndrome, diabetes, geriatric limitations and many other issues.